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Interview Resources for Residency Programs

Two people seated at a table take part in an interview

The residency interview is one of the most common and important tools used in ranking applicants. It's important for program directors and faculty participating in interviews to know how to prepare for, conduct, and review interviews to ensure an experience that is beneficial, equitable, and consistent for both programs and applicants.

Recommendations to help specialty and training programs consider their interviewing and recruiting options and to make evidenced-based decisions.


Gain insight into the role of interviews in graduate medical education and learn how to establish your program’s interview process.

A webinar that offers guidance on how to recognize and mitigate biases when conducting, reviewing, and scoring virtual or in-person interviews.

A webinar that highlights several AAMC tools to assist students during their transition to residency, such as Careers in Medicine, Residency Explorer, interview tips, and an overview of ERAS.

Collaborative Transformation of the Transition to Residency

Resources, tools, effective practices, and other materials to support the transition to residency. 

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