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    What’s Coming in the 2025 ERAS® Season; Program Signaling and Interview Invitations; Specialty Opt-In Reminder

    Updates from ERAS Leadership

    Dear Colleagues,

    As we look forward to Match Week and the 2024 residency recruitment year winds down, planning is underway for the 2025 ERAS® recruitment season. We recently hosted a webinar featuring 2025 updates. Here are five things you can look forward to in the ERAS system for the next season:

    1. Hobbies and interests will be a standalone item in the MyERAS® application. We heard you! Program directors, faculty interviewers, residency, and fellowship applicants asked us to make this a separate item within the Experiences section of the application, and they’ll find it there for the 2025 ERAS season.
    2. Consolidated interview scheduling with Thalamus Core. Our collaboration with Thalamus is in full swing and we can’t wait to give those programs that are not yet using Thalamus products the chance to use Core and Itinerary Wizard to seamlessly manage interview planning and scheduling.
    3. Dean’s Office WorkStation (DWS) Analytics will make it easier for advisors to access their students’ interview data. We updated the Interview Dashboard to give you access to more historical student interview data and to make it easier to get important student and program-level interview status information.
    4. Program signaling will be available for December cycle ERAS fellowship applicants. As we noted in last month’s edition of ERAS Insights, December cycle specialties will be able to participate in program signaling later this year for the 2024-2025 application season. Specialties and programs that participate in the July fellowship cycle can participate in the 2025-2026 application season, which will launch in July 2025.
    5. Real-time data analytics will be delivered via Cerebellum. Providing institutions and programs with rich, relevant data is a key ERAS focus area.


    Patrick Fritz
    Senior Director
    AAMC Admissions and Selection Application Services

    The AAMC has developed a new presentation with information from the 2024 ERAS residency season for programs, learners, and medical school advisors. Exploring the Relationship between Program Signaling and Interview Invitations Across Specialties (PDF) examines preliminary data on program signal use and general trends and offers guidance in interpreting the data.

    Program Signaling Opt-in Reminder for Specialty Societies and Programs

    Residency Application Season Timelines

    • March 29: Due date for Residency specialty societies to provide the number of program signals for the specialty. Please visit the 2025 ERAS Application Program Signaling Opt In webpage for more information.
    • April 15: Start date for individual residency programs within those specialties to begin opting into program signaling in ERAS Program Management via the PDWS.
    • June 30: Due date for individual programs to indicate participation.

    Fellowship Application Season

    No Action Needed Now by July and December Fellowship Specialty Societies and Programs

    • December cycle specialty societies and programs can indicate their intent to use signals for the 2024-2025 application season later this year. Fellowship specialty societies will complete the participation agreement and provide the number of signals in August 2024, more details will be shared in the coming weeks.
    • July cycle fellowship societies and programs will have use of program signals beginning in July 2025 with the launch of the 2025-2026 application season. Stay tuned for more updates on this innovative enhancement.

    New Thalamus Holistic Review Assessment Tool Now Available

    We’re pleased to share information about Thalamus Holistic Review. Thalamus’ new competency-based assessment tool, tested by 50+ GME programs, is now available at no additional cost for all ERAS-participating programs. Streamlining recruitment from application to rank list creation, Thalamus Holistic Review offers applicant/faculty assignment, customizable scoring, centralized notes, and enhanced reporting functions. Elevate your program's recruitment with Thalamus Holistic Review. Learn more and get started today by visiting the Thalamus website.

    Save Time and Access High-Quality, Peer-Reviewed Teaching Resources with MedEdPORTAL

    MedEdPORTAL is a peer-reviewed, MEDLINE-indexed journal published by the AAMC. Publications are stand-alone teaching or learning modules that have been implemented and evaluated with physician trainees or practitioners from across the medical education continuum. MedEdPORTAL is fully supported by the AAMC as part of its medical education mission, so there are no fees to submit, publish, or download content.  Learn more at mededportal.org and follow the journal on X (formerly Twitter) at @MedEdPORTAL. 

    ERAS Program Resources

    Upcoming Webinars

    The ERAS Program and the NRMP® offer SOAP® 101.
    This webinar for residency applicants is at capacity. Look for the recording on the ERAS Program SOAP Resources webpage.

    Navigating Match Week and SOAP
    Webinar for Programs
    Wednesday, March 6, 1 p.m. ET