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    Letter of Recommendation Portal (LoRP) FAQ

    What is a Letter Request Form?

    The Letter Request Form is a document that includes instructions on how to access the ERAS LoRP, applicant information, the Letter ID and if the applicant has waived their right to see the LoR. The letter ID is comprised of a series of letters and numbers. You should receive a form for each letter you are asked to write from the applicant.

    Will the LoRP convert my file to a PDF format or should it already be in a PDF format before I upload it?

    In order to upload a LoR, it must already be in a PDF format. The LoRP does not have the capability to convert your file into a PDF format. PDFs with encryption, password protection, or digital signatures cannot be uploaded. Any LoRs that do not meet these guidelines must be revised and resubmitted. 

    For more information on how to convert the letter of recommendation to the PDF file format, please see www.adobe.com

    How do I resize/compress PDFs?

    To resize or compress PDFs, you will need to use PDF editor/publisher such as Adobe® Acrobat® Professional or Corel® PDF Fusion. 

    There are also free online tools such as https://convert.neevia.com/pdfcompress/. To compress a LoR file, go to the Compress PDF tab, the default settings are usually enough without sacrificing visual quality. If you need to resize the pdf to 8.5" x 11", you may do so through the Resize PDF tab. 

    How can I view an existing LoR for an applicant listed in my LoR Manager?

    Click the Adobe icon located under the View LoR column of the LoR Manager.    

    Can I view a LoR from a prior season? How?

    Yes, you can use the Season drop down menu on the top right side of the LoR Manager that allows you to toggle to the correct season. LoRs from the previous seven years should be available for viewing or replacement.   

    I mistakenly uploaded the wrong letter for an applicant or would like to retract a letter. What should I do? 

    Once a LoR has been uploaded for an applicant, it cannot be modified or removed. To make a correction, you must upload a revised version of the LoR using the instructions under Uploading a New Version of an Existing LoR section of the user guide. Programs will only be able to view the most recent version of the LoR, but LoR Authors will be able to view all versions. To retract a letter, upload a new blank version in place of your previous version. 

    What if my file exceeds the 1 MB size limit?

    If you are struggling to meet the 1 MB file size limit, please try using a black and white document, minimizing or removing graphics, and/or adjusting your Adobe (PDF creator) settings. 

    As a designee, which AAMC account should I use to upload the letter?

    Users should upload their LoR using their own AAMC account, even if they are a designee for an author. You can create an AAMC account by using the Create AAMC Account button when attempting to sign into LoRP. Please avoid sharing AAMC accounts to preserve the integrity of your account and to prevent account redundancies. 

    Forgot your password/username?

    If you are having trouble signing in, check to see that you are using the correct credentials. 

    On the sign in page, click the "Forgot your password?" link; you will be prompted to answer two of your security questions and your date of birth to reset your password. If you have forgotten your username as well, click the "Forgot your username?" link; you will receive your username by email. Please contact the AAMC Support Center (ASC) (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. ET) for assistance.

    How do I submit on behalf of another user?

    If you want to upload a LoR on another user's behalf, please note that we strongly suggest against the sharing of accounts. Instead you should create your own AAMC Account and upload the LoR on their behalf.

    What if I am uploading with a previously used Letter ID?

    If you or a colleague have already entered the Letter ID in the LoRP, it will not allow you to reenter it. However, you should see the applicant's name listed in the Letter Manager and you can click on the blue arrow next to their name to upload a letter on their behalf. Refer to page eight in the LoRP user guide (PDF) for more instructions. 

    If you have not previously attempted to upload the letter, we recommend that you contact the applicant so that they may provide you with a new Letter ID.  

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