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    Disclosure at All Points, UME and GME: Guidance on Disability Disclosure for Learners

    Learners who require accommodations to meet essential functions of a program must disclose their status as a person with a disability to request accommodations at multiple points during their training.

    Programs at the UME, GME level want to support learners with disabilities within their programs, when applying for licensure and into employment; however, knowing when a disability should be disclosed, to whom and how much detail is appropriate can differ depending on the level of education. This issue has caused some disconnect between the various settings. Adding to the confusion, three separate sources of guidance govern these levels including 1) educational law, 2) employment law and 3) medical credentialing/licensure.

    This webinar, recorded on April 7, 2016, brings together stakeholders at all levels to discuss appropriate disclosure and how to support the transition for learners with disabilities. In addition, The Medical Licensure process is discussed, as well as one of the primary goal of residency programs (to get their resident licensed). Finally, all stakeholders discuss professionalism and its role in shaping how transparent learners should be around their disability related needs.


    Lisa M. Meeks, PhD
    UCSF School of Medicine

    Dan Giang, MD
    Loma Linda School of Medicine


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