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    GSA Professional Development Initiative Webinar Series

    This series of webinars is part of the GSA Professional Development Initiative (PDI), a collaborative partnership between the AAMC and the GSA community. The PDI provides GSA professionals with just-in-time access to free tools & resources and a detailed framework outlining critical behaviors for student affairs professionals in medical education. The framework is well-aligned with LCME standards and can be used to facilitate career development discussions, write targeted goals, create job descriptions and improve overall individual performance. The PDI is a living project with new resources and learning opportunities created annually. 

    Learning Objectives

    At the conclusion of this webinar series, participants will be able to:

    • Describe the case for professional development and its value to the Student Affairs community.

    • Understand the GSA Performance Framework as a foundational tool and recognize its various components.

    • Raise awareness of the tools that accompany the GSA Performance Framework, their uses, and how to access them.

    • Identify ways in which the GSA Performance Framework and tools can be used beyond professional development to enhance your institution’s practices.


    Introduction to the GSA Professional Development Initiative 

    The GSA Professional Development Initiative in Action: Four Case Studies from the Field 

    A Practical Example of How to Use the GSA PDI for the Professional & Career Development of Student Affairs Officers