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Group on Resident Affairs (GRA)

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The Group on Resident Affairs (GRA) promotes exemplary leadership for high-quality graduate medical education (GME) and is the authoritative source on principles and practices in medical education. The GRA represents institutional leaders who oversee GME quality, accreditation, administration and financing in AAMC-member medical schools and teaching hospitals. The GRA's leadership course and educational programs serve as a resource to improve the quality of resident education and strengthen institutional responsibility for GME.

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2020 Group on Resident Affairs (GRA) and Organization of Resident Representatives (ORR)…
April 26, 2020 - April 28, 2020

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Guide to the Group on Resident Affairs


Members of the Group on Resident Affairs are responsible for graduate medical education at the institutional level. They have titles such as: Dean for GME (Associate, Assistant); Designated Institutional Official (Associate or Assistant); Senior Program Director for GME; Executive Vice President for GME (Associate or Assistant); Senior Vice President for Educational Affairs, GME, or Accreditation; or Vice Dean, Vice President or Vice Chair for GME. Each voting member is appointed by the dean of an accredited U.S. medical school, the chief executive officer of a member of the AAMC Council of Teaching Hospitals and Healthcare Systems, or the president of one of the AAMC Council of Academic Societies.

Associate Members

Each voting member of the GRA may appoint one associate member from his or her institution. Appointments are solicited in October and May.

Rules and Regulations

The name, purpose, membership, meetings, business, and responsibilities are defined in the GRA Rules and Regulations.


Have an important issue? Let's talk about it!

The GRA listserv is a unmoderated AAMC email list that allows GRA members to exchange information about GME issues. Through threaded discussion, the listserv allows members to post questions and engage in conversation around top-of-mind issues with fellow colleagues.

The listserv is for GRA members only. To post a question email:

GRA Outstanding Service Award

The GRA award is designed to recognize an individual who exemplifies excellence and collegiality, and has made innovative contributions over a significant time period to colleagues in the DIO/institutional GME community. This recognition can be for lifetime achievement in the field or significant organizational contributions to the GRA.


The awardee must be or have been active in the GRA with demonstrated consistent leadership, sustained engagement, and tangible contributions to the GRA community. Current involvement is not essential, though will be considered as a positive factor. Contributions should have had substantive positive impact on the education, administrative processes, or public image of the GRA and its membership.

The awardee should be affiliated at the time of the award with an AAMC member institutional or stakeholder organization or retired from such.

GRA seated steering committee members are not eligible to be nominated until at least three years after the conclusion of their term.


The GRA Steering Committee Officers will present appropriate candidates to the Steering Committee for endorsement.  The award will be conferred during the GRA Business meeting held at Learn Serve Lead: AAMC Annual Meeting.

Steering Committee

The purpose of the GRA Steering Committee is to forge a union of diverse membership around a common mission by representing the GRA membership as national leaders and planning activities that help them stay informed about key developments in GME.

Other Committees

The Core Competency Committee was created in order to review and revise “Core Competencies for Institutional GME Leaders/Designated Institutional Officials.” The members are tasked with updating it based on changes in the GME environment and the evolving role of the institutional GME leader.

Members will identify competencies that need revision, creation or deletion and ensure version 4 incorporates all elements required by the next accreditation system. Members are also charged with evaluating the current assessment of the competencies to assess if the method is appropriate and requires revision. At the completion of this project, the committee must make a presentation to the GRA Steering Committee and the GRA Membership at-large.

The committee is organized and overseen by the GRA Steering Committee.

GRA Staff

GRA Staff

  • Alexis L. Ruffin, MS,  Director, Institutional Sustainability
  • Nicholas Santolla, Specialist, Constituent Engagement

Contact GRA staff at

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