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    Well-Being in Academic Medicine

    Well-being in academic medicine is a critical issue facing faculty members, clinicians, researchers, residents, and students. The pandemic has only heightened the need to solve problems around well-being in academic medicine, but the AAMC addressed these issues long before. Among other initiatives, the AAMC was an early participant in the National Academy of Medicine’s Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, a network of organizations dedicated to promoting clinician well-being across all career stages and specialties.

    The well-being resources on this page have been curated by the AAMC with the help of the AAMC's Council of Faculty and Academic Societies (CFAS). Please let us know if you have any suggested books, articles, or other resources to share with your colleagues and we will consider including on these pages. To engage with the AAMC's faculty well-being initiatives in more depth, contact Catherine Florio Pipas, MD, Chair of the CFAS Faculty Resilience Committee and member of the CFAS Ad Board.

    The Latest in Well-Being

    Getting Help


    Conferences, Programs, and Courses

    Learning Resources for Leading: Top Skills, Attributes, and Behaviors Critical for Success

    This collection of resources is intended to help department chairs develop skills in setting expectations, working effectively with colleagues, developing leadership skills, and dealing with challenging responsibilities.

    Stanford House Staff Wellness Survey, Courtesy of Stanford Medicine and WellMD

    This evaluation was designed by Stanford School of Medicine to "understand the state of the medical staff and their most pressing concerns, as well as to provide a vehicle for assessing pilot studies and creating evidence-based interventions."
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    Being a Resilient Leader

    Being a Resilient Leader is a two-day, interactive and unique workshop that will cover what it means to be a resilient leader and how to exercise leadership to achieve desired results, sustained impact, and long-term professional engagement and personal satisfaction. You will walk away with a new framework and practical tools for navigating your most difficult leadership challenges, along with increased self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and commitment.

    Faculty Training in Mind-Body Medicine

    Faculty Training in Mind-Body Medicine is an experiential program provides faculty at health professional schools with the training, tools, and strategic thinking necessary to implement mind-body medicine skills groups in their institutions.