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Well-Being and Emotional Resiliency in Academic Medicine

As medical professionals increasingly struggle with the challenges of burnout, well-being, and the idea of resilience — the ability to recover from setbacks or difficult situations — have emerged as a priority for faculty, researchers, residents, and students in the academic medicine community.

Compared to many other professions, physicians and other clinicians are more likely to develop depression, commit suicide, or experience burnout. Burnout does not discriminate. It can affect any physician, regardless of specialty or years of experience in the field. Residents and medical students struggle as well.

The AAMC is committed to working with our member institutions to use education, research, and other resources to create environments where faculty, staff, residents, and students thrive.

As part of the National Academy of Medicine’s Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience — a network of 150 (and growing) organizations dedicated to promoting clinician well-being — the AAMC is working to support and maintain health across specialty and point in career.

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Residents get a room of their own

Medical schools and teaching hospitals that are turning break rooms into wellness centers hope to ease the impact of long shifts and high stress.

It’s time to get serious about resident wellness

Institutions need systemic changes to protect the well-being of trainees, argues a researcher who has studied thousands of residents.

Medical Faculty Need to Foster Resilience in Students (and in Themselves)

"Do as I say, not as I do," won't solve the problem. Faculty members in academic medicine must model and support self-care for students.

When Physicians Become Patients

Physician burnout is on the rise. Learn how medical organizations are addressing the vital issue of clinician mental health and well-being.

Building a framework for clinician well-being and resilience

As research innovators, academic medical centers are well-positioned to develop new ways to address health care provider burnout, depression, and suicide.