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Academic Medicine® Articles

Addressing the Leadership Gap in Medicine: Residents' Need for Systematic Leadership Development Training

Academic Medicine, April 2012

Commentary: Mentoring the Mentor: Executive Coaching for Clinical Departmental Executive Officers

Academic Medicine, January 2010

Geist, Lois J.; Cohen, Michael B.

Commentary: Recommendations and Remaining Questions for Health Care Leadership Training Programs

Academic Medicine, January 2013

Stoller, James K. MD, MS

Perspective: Physician Leaders and Their Bases of Power: Common and Disparate Elements

Academic Medicine, February 2012

Perspective: A New Model of Leadership Performance in Health Care

Academic Medicine, October 2011

Physician Leadership: Enhancing the Career Development of Academic Physician Administrators and Leaders

Academic Medicine, March 2004

Fairchild, David G. MD, MPH; Benjamin, Evan M. MD; Gifford, David R. MD, MPH; Huot, Stephen J. MD, PhD

The Current State and Future Possibilities of Recruiting Leaders of Academic Health Centers

Academic Medicine, September 2012

Mallon, William T.; Buckley, Peter F.

The Language of Leadership

Academic Medicine, October 2010

Souba, Chip MD, ScD, MBA