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Medical Research

Research Spectrum

Learn about AAMC medical research initiatives and publications.

Graduate Research, Education, and Training (GREAT) Group

The GREAT Group provides professional development to, and fosters the exchange of information and ideas among, the faculty and administrative leaders of biomedical PhD, MD-PhD, and postdoctoral programs. The Group functions as a national forum to help these programs achieve their goal of educating successful biomedical researchers.

GREAT Group members also evaluate policy developments that affect the recruitment and retention of new scientific talent and provide direction on these issues.

The GREAT Group meets annually to discuss these issues and plan their activities at what has become the profession's premier meeting devoted to graduate and postdoctoral education.

The GREAT Group also sponsors GREATmail, a listserve primarily intended to serve as a vehicle for seeking and exchanging information about training and educational related issues.

Research Newsletter

Peer Learning Opportunities for Innovation Award

The AAMC announces an opportunity to meet and learn from the innovations of the 2013 AAMC Innovative Institutional Partnerships in Research and Research-focused Training awardees.
Application Deadline: January 31, 2014

About the Award 
Innovation Award 2013 Recipients Announcement 
Terms and Conditions 
Application Instructions 
Peer Learning Opportunity Application

Upcoming GREAT Meetings


GREAT Group M.D.-Ph.D. Section Professional Development Meeting
July 17-19
Bethesda, Md.

GRAND, GREAT Group, and Postdoctorate Leader Section Professional Development Meeting
Sept. 18-20
Fort Worth, Texas

AAMC Annual Meeting
Nov. 7-12, 2014