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GDI Membership

In June 2009, the AAMC Board of Directors approved the new Group on Diversity and Inclusion (GDI) Rules and Regulations.  This action formally established the GDI as a new AAMC professional development group.  In August 2009, the Council of Deans (COD) received communication requesting each dean to appoint Designated and Individual GDI Representatives.

Membership Tools

GDI Membership Brochure

GDI brochure

This brochure includes the Group on Diversity and Inclusion (GDI) mission, purpose, national priorities, and definition information.

Download the GDI Membership Brochure 

GDI Orientation Guide

The GDI Orientation Guide helps orient all GDI representatives to better understand the AAMC and GDI's infrastructures, outline the roles and responsibilities of GDI steering committee officers and representatives, and highlight AAMC services and publications to help you advance diversity and inclusion. Access to the guide is restricted to members of the GDI only. Please sign in at the top right of your screen to access member-only resources.

GDI Designations

Designated Representative (voting)

The Dean designates a faculty or administrator who has responsibility for institutional multicultural/diversity affairs.  Designee will serve as the primary contact to AAMC on these issues. The designee will be expected to attend and participate in AAMC programming, serve in appointed or elected positions, and contribute expertise and experience to inform and guide the advancement of diversity and inclusion throughout academic medicine. Access to the Designated GDI Representatives Directory is restricted to GDI members.

Individual Representatives (non-voting)

The Dean is encouraged to look across the institution and recommend individuals who have strong interest and expertise in minority/multicultural/diversity affairs. This is an open membership, so the Dean can nominate or an individual can self-nominate.

GDI Representatives Getting Involved

As a GDI representative, you are important in contributing to the success of GDI.  Here are ways to get involved: 

  • Volunteer to develop and implement GDI national priorities, which include initiatives, projects, and meetings
  • Serve on GDI working groups or planning committees, as needed
  • Participate in discussions on the GDI listserve by posting and responding to your colleagues’ queries
  • Attend the GDI national meetings and AAMC Annual Meeting
  • Provide feedback to your GDI Steering Committee on how they can best serve your needs as a GDI representative

Featured Member Resources

GDI members who are signed in to this site will see links to these resources below.


The GDI is concentrating on outreach to other AAMC member communities to discuss and implement collaborations that improve the advancement of diversity and inclusion in medicine and biomedical sciences.