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MACRA Frequently Asked Questions

What is MACRA?

What will be the Impact of MACRA on my Medicare Payments?

When is the first performance period for the Quality Payment Programs under MACRA?

What is the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)?

What will happen to PQRS, Value-Based Modifer, and Meaningful Use Programs?

Who Does MIPS Apply to?

Are there instances, when MIPS does not apply?

What are the MIPS performance categories that will make up an eligible clinician's score?

How does the performance scoring under MIPS work?

How will the cost performance category function under MIPS?

What are the CMS Web Interface reporting submission requirements for the quality performance category?

What are the group reporting via non web-interface requirements for the quality performance category?

How will the scoring work for the ACI performance category?

The Improvement Activity (IA) Category is new. Can you provide additional information?

How will my payment update be calculated under MIPS?

How will my payment be determined if I am an APM qualifying participant?

What is an Advanced APM under MACRA?

How do I become a qualifying participant in an Advanced APM?

If I meet the thresholds for a “qualifying APM participant,” do I have to meet the MIPS requirements?

Are additional resources available?

On Patient Care

Testimony and Correspondence