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Regional Medicine-Public Health Education Centers (RMPHEC/RMPHEC-GME)

To better prepare the physician workforce to serve the changing health needs of patients and their communities

The Regional Medicine-Public Health Education Centers (RMPHEC) Initiative was developed to support the improvement of population health, public health, and prevention education for medical students and residents. Grantees were required to partner with at least one state or local public health agency to help integrate this content into their curricula. Grantees developed educational approaches and materials consistent with their institutions' curricular structures and themes.

Enduring outcomes of grantee work include curricular and administrative changes to support the inclusion of public health in their educational programming, increased institutional interest in MD-MPH and preventive medicine residency programs, and the development of productive partnerships with public health colleagues.

Publications, population health competencies , and the development of web resources helped to disseminate RMPHEC and RMPHEC-GME work, while consultations with non-RMPHEC institutions, involvement in AFMC, LCME, and NBME activities, and conferences provided opportunities to learn what was occurring at other institutions and broaden the network of educators and public health professionals with interests in this area. Although funding was limited to a small proportion of medical schools and residencies, collaborative activities helped to address medical education policies at a national level and to share RMPHEC experiences and resources beyond the grantees.

RMPHEC Grantees

RMPHECs were established with funds from the AAMC-CDC Cooperative Agreement over two funding cycles: a pilot group in 2003, followed by an additional cohort who received their first year's funding in 2006.


In 2008, the RMPHEC initiative expanded to incorporate Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs who would receive funds for public health/population health activities in their curricula. The selected sites represented a spectrum of medical specialties.

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