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Tuition and Student Fees

The Tuition and Student Fees workbook contains tuition and fee costs reported by accredited medical education programs from academic years 1996-1997 through 2018-2019.

Within each workbook, the tab labeled Summary Statistics contains aggregate information organized by academic year, cost type (e.g., tuition), medical school ownership (i.e., public or private), and medical student residence status (i.e., in-state or out-of-state). The tabs labeled by academic year contain tuition and fee costs by medical school, medical school ownership, and residence status.

Most of the information comes from the AAMC Tuition and Student Fees Questionnaire. The LCME Part I-B Student Financial Aid Questionnaire is the source of health insurance information from academic years 2002-2003 through 2005-2006.

Download the workbooks:


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