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Alliance/AAHCI Members FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact aahci@aamc.org (AAHCI) or amcintoshpeters@aamc.org (Alliance) for membership information.

You can also access the Alliance and AAHCI members pages to check if your institution is a member: 

If you do not have an AAMC account yet, you can create an account here.

To take full advantage of Alliance and AAHCI member discounts, please sign in with your AAMC username and password at www.aamc.org.  

If you need help with your AAMC account, please visit our Account Help page. 

For Alliance and AAHCI meeting information, please visit our Meetings page.

Find a list of all AAMC upcoming meetings and events on our Career Development page. 

Questions about invoicing can be directed to amcintoshpeters@aamc.org

To download or order Alliance and AAHCI publications, please visit the Leadership and Resources page. For member discounts on publications, please be sure to sign in. For Alliance and AAHCI publication questions, please contact aahci@aamc.org. 

Additional publications also can be found in the AAMC Store. Please contact AAMC Store Customer Service if you are unable to place your order online or if you have additional questions. 

Please contact amcintoshpeters@aamc.org for a copy of a past Alliance and AAHCI meeting presentations.