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    Workforce Studies Datasets

    The information below is intended to provide an overview of the original data collection activities of the AAMC Workforce Studies team. Please be aware that these data are not generally available for public use at this time.

    AAMC Consumer Survey of Health Care Access

    Twice each year, the AAMC fields a Consumer Survey of Health Care Access to assess access to health care services in the United States. Emphasizing a consumer perspective, the AAMC Consumer Survey complements our ongoing research on the physician workforce. Significantly, the AAMC Consumer Survey takes an inclusive approach to defining access, beginning with whether care is received, and examining the roles of health insurance coverage, having a usual source of care, the timeliness and location of care, and the quality of patient-provider communications on access to care.

    Download the data highlights (PDF)

    AAMC National Sample Survey of Physicians

    The National Sample Survey of Physicians (NSSP), developed and managed by the Workforce Studies team at AAMC, includes physicians' demographic, training, and practice characteristics. The first wave of NSSP fielded in 2019, collecting data from 6,000 active physicians across the U.S. The second wave fielded in 2022, collecting data from 5,917 active physicians, including 2,429 longitudinal participants who also participated in the first wave.