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    EPAC Goals and Objectives

    Primary Goal

    Establish a model for true competency-based medical education through variable-time, meaningfully assessed demonstration of performance across the UME-GME continuum.

    Secondary Goals

    1. Demonstrate the successful creation of competent physicians with a more focused, learner-centered approach (i.e. pediatric focused UME, and career focused GME) by showing preparedness for practice of graduates. (Note: This goal directly addresses a goal of the Carnegie Report of 2010 (4) by allowing individualization of the learning pathway with a focus on pediatrics after the establishment of desired outcomes-EPAs, competencies, and Milestones)
    2. Improve the meaningfulness of the work at the UME and GME levels for a subset of learners known to desire a career in pediatrics at entrance to medical school .
    3. Insure that learners meet traditional achievement standards (such as passing the boards) to provide needed flexibility for change in career plans (e.g. no adverse effects to opting out of the program).
    4. Test the utility of Entrustable Professional Activities and the Pediatric Milestones in establishing performance standards across the UME and GME continuum and determining readiness for transitions from UME to GME and GME to practice.
    5. Build and sequence a curriculum in pediatrics to address a true continuum of medical education from UME through GME which may serve as a model for other specialties.
    6. Allow learners to advance beyond competence during the training years in their individual areas of focus.