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Unconscious Bias Resources for Health Professionals

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At academic medical centers, unconscious biases can compromise diversity and inclusion efforts in admissions, curriculum development, counseling, and faculty advising, among other functions.

The AAMC provides resources and trainings to assist these institutions to meet their goals around addressing unconscious biases.

Unconscious Bias Train-the-Trainer Program for the Health Professions

For the past seven years, the AAMC has partnered with Cook Ross, Inc. to offer the Exploring Everyday Bias Train-the-Trainer Program for the Health Professions. Due to challenges associated with COVID-19 and the AAMC’s decision to cancel all in-person training through June 30, 2021, we have suspended this training until further notice. Learn more about the AAMC’s decision.

We are committed to supporting your efforts to mitigate unconscious bias and continue to offer the following online seminar and other resources. Additional resources can be found on the Cook Ross website.

We hope to continue delivering this workshop in 2021 and will provide additional information here as soon as it’s available.

Please direct questions to Angela Moses at

Online Seminar: The Science of Unconscious Bias and What To Do About it in the Search and Recruitment Process

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that unconscious bias may influence the evaluation and selection of candidates – from entry-level to leadership positions – in all types of organizations, including medical schools and teaching hospitals. This presentation is designed to acquaint search committees and others with this research as one step toward mitigating the effects of unconscious bias.

Who should register? Academic medicine faculty and administrators and other professionals in health care and biomedical research. Nearly 20,000 search committee members and other individuals in academic health centers have participated in this webinar since 2010!

Register to participate in this free seminar.   

Additional Resources

Proceedings of the Diversity and Inclusion Forum: Unconscious Bias in Academic Medicine Report
This publication is an insightful look at the benefits of diversity and inclusion, and a summary of potential interventions to remediate unconscious biases present in modern academic medicine.

Video Interview with Howard Ross
Former AAMC Chief Diversity Officer Marc A. Nivet, Ed.D., interviews Howard Ross, founder and former chief learning officer of Cook Ross, Inc., and author of Reinventing Diversity: Transforming Organizational Community to Strengthen People, Purpose and Performance. Dr. Nivet and Mr. Ross explore how and why diversity efforts plateau at institutions; what role unconscious bias plays in these situations; and how to mitigate unconscious bias to increase the success of diversity initiatives.

Q-and-A with Howard Ross About the Unconscious Bias Learning Lab 

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