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    Leading Change Applications of the AAMC LGBT, Gender Nonconforming, and DSD Health Resources in Academic Health Centers

    Video Length: 1 hour, 23 minutes

    Health care disparities continue to be experienced by people who are LGBT, gender nonconforming, and/or are born with differences of sex development. To reduce these disparities, all health care providers must learn to address the specific health care needs of these populations, and health care institutions must promote a climate that supports, values, and includes sexual and gender minorities. In 2014, the AAMC issued a groundbreaking publication based on solid educational and assessment practices and theories. During this webinar, two of the publication authors and members of the academic medicine community will provide examples of how medical schools and teaching hospitals are implementing these recommendations and respond to participants questions about how they can best use this resource for their efforts.

    Learning Objectives:

    This session aims to educate viewers on the implementation of LGBT, GNC, and DSD demonstration projects:

    • Identify at least 3 demonstration projects that have arisen from the AAMC LGBT, GNC, DSD Competencies/Publication.*
    • Discuss 2 strategies that have worked to overcome barriers to implementing LGBT, GNC, DSD demonstration projects.
    • Brainstorm at least 2 strategies for implementing demonstration projects at webinar participants' institutions.

      *Implementing Curricular and Institutional Climate Changes to Improve Health Care for Individuals Who Are LGBT, Gender Nonconforming, or Born with DSD: a Resource for Medical Educators


    Carey Roth Bayer, EdD, MEd, BSN, RN, CSE
    Center of Excellence for Sexual Health
    Morehouse School of Medicine

    Jennifer Potter, MD
    Harvard Medical School
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
    The Fenway Institute

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