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    Health Promotion Strategies for LGBT Persons

    Video Length: 39 minutes

    Learning Objectives:
    After viewing this video, the learner will be able to:

    • Discuss the importance of resilience and coping for LGBT individuals across the lifespan.
    • Describe L, G, B, and/or T population-specific programs designed to encourage development of healthy coping behaviors (“life skills”).
    • Define the terms “risk negotiation” and “harm reduction”, and describe the benefits of health coaching using a motivational interviewing approach.
    • Formulate an initial, non-judgmental and supportive response to an L, G, B and/or T patient who discloses that they are engaging in (a) high-risk coping behavior(s).
    • Describe the importance of population-specific support services for L, G, B, and/or T individuals who are in recovery (e.g. substance abuse) and/or coping with illness (e.g. cancer).
    • Value the importance of designing health education and outreach materials that are culturally responsive.
    • Discuss at least 3 opportunities for integrating LGBT-specific health promotion into medical training.

    Jennifer Potter, MD
    Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School
    Director of the Women's Health Center
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
    Director of the Women's Health Program, Fenway Health

    Emilia Dunham, MPP, MBA
    Medicaid/MassHealth Project Manager
    Massachusetts Department of Public Health
    Project Manager
    Life Skills Study, Fenway Community Health

    Kristen L. Eckstrand, MD, PhD
    Co-Director, Vanderbilt Program for LGBTI Health
    Chair, AAMC Advisory Committee on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Sex Development
    Vanderbilt University Medical Center

    Kevin Kapila, MD
    Primary Care Physician
    Medical Director of Behavioral Health
    Fenway Community Health

    Michelle M. Forcier, MD, MPH
    Associate Professor of Pediatrics
    Assistant Dean for Admissions
    Division of Adolescent Medicine
    The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

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