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    Assessing Institutional Culture and Climate


    Video Length: 34 minutes


    This multimedia webcast, created in collaboration with experts in the field of institutional culture, walks participants through the Diversity 3.0 Framework, explains what elements should be included in a comprehensive assessment of institutional culture and climate, and provides examples of how institutions might best utilize their findings to effect change.

    Learning Objectives:

    • To identify factors that influence culture and climate in institutions.
    • To identify the four key steps to evaluating culture and climate, in order to build assessments that can aid in identify the strengths and weaknesses of an institution's inclusiveness.
    • Understand why inclusive environments boost the capacity for medical schools and teaching hospitals to excel and insure health equity for all.


    Derek Avery, PhD
    Senior Associate Dean
    Wake Forest University, School of Business
    Professor Human Resource Management
    Fox School of Business, Temple University

    Eden King, PhD
    Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
    Associate Editor of the Journal of Management
    Associate Editor of the Journal of Business and Psychology
    Editorial Board Member of the Academy of Management Journal
    Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Applied Psychology
    George Mason University

    Jeffrey F. Milem, PhD
    Ernest W. McFarland Distinguished Professor in Leadership for Education Policy and Reform
    Professor in the Center for the Study of Higher Education
    University of Arizona College of Medicine
    Arizona Medical Education Research Institute (AMERI)

    David Acosta, MD, FAAFP
    Chief Diversity Officer
    University of Washington School of Medicine
    Associate Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Inclusion
    UC Davis Health System

    Deborah Plummer, PhD
    Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion
    Chief Diversity Officer
    University of Massachusetts Medical School
    Chief Diversity Officer
    UMass Memorial Medical Center
    Professor Departments of Psychiatry, Quantitative Health Sciences and the Graduate School of Nursing
    University of Massachusetts

    Valerie Clark, MPA
    Program Management Manager II
    Association of American Medical Colleges


    This supplemental guide details topics outlined in the webcast.