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    Increasing Asian Inclusion in Academic Medicine and Leadership

    Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association and Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians

    Despite being the second largest racial group among medical students, Asian individuals are underrepresented in academic faculty positions, especially within senior faculty. As medical students represent the upstream segment of the faculty pipeline, it is important to explore Asian medical students’ perceptions of facilitators and barriers to entering academic medicine careers to help elucidate Asian representation in academia. This webinar will identify resources, initiatives, and opportunities to engage Asian medical students to pursue careers in academic medicine and leadership.

    Increasing Asian Inclusion in Academic Medicine and Leadership

    Frances Lu, MD
    Professor Emeritus in Cultural Psychiatry
    University of California, Davis

    Linton L. Yee, MD
    Associate Professor of Pediatrics
    Emergency Medicine Physician
    Duke University School of Medicine

    Charlene An, MD
    Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
    Director of Student Education
    SUNY Downstate Medical Center

    Lindy Zhang, BS
    Fourth Year Medical Student
    Albert Einstein College of Medicine