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Selection Criteria - Spencer Foreman Award for Outstanding Community Engagement

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Foreman Award applicants will be judged on the extent to which their institution:

  • Has broadly demonstrated deep levels of community engagement and commitment in ways that move beyond outreach and consultation and are instead grounded in principles of collaboration and shared leadership (see Community Engagement Continuum below).
  • Coordinates community engagement and community health activities across all mission areas of the organization to align programs and goals, increase efficiency and impact, reduce redundancy, and develop interprofessional opportunities for community partnerships.
  • Uses formal assessment processes and data to co-develop programs and interventions that are responsive to community-identified health and social needs.
  • Evaluates the processes, outputs, outcomes, and impacts of programs and initiatives in ways that are meaningful to a variety of internal and external institutional stakeholders (e.g., learners, scientists, patients).
  • Innovates.
  • Has maximized its potential for community engagement given the institution’s resources.
  • Incentivizes community engaged activities and scholarship among faculty and learners as evidenced by leadership commitment, institutional policies, etc.
  • Demonstrates standards of professional ethics and scientific integrity.

Applicants’ materials must demonstrate broad-based collaboration and continuing institutional commitment to community engagement and partnership as reflected in a variety of programs and initiatives. Applications that focus solely on one specialized community health program, individual, or department will be disqualified.