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With the 2022 away rotation season right around the corner, the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities™ (VSLO®) team has provided easy access to valuable resources to help you support your students through the application process. We will update this page as additional resources become available. 

VSLO Student Webinar: Away Rotations 2022-23

This 60-minute webinar addresses common questions from students about the away rotation process. Attendees heard directly from a panel of Host institutions and gained a better understanding of their review and decision making processes.

Thank you for joining the VSLO Student Webinar: Away Rotations 2022-23 on Thursday, February 10, 2022. We appreciate those of you who submitted questions ahead of time, and our Host institution panelists addressed many of them in their comments. Below are a few additional questions that were not answered during the webinar.  As noted during the discussion, application strategies and pathways are unique to each applicant, and we encourage you to work closely with your Home institutions and advisors.  

Coalition on Physician Accountability Guidelines 

Q: Is the AAMC or its Coalition partners restricting student travel to away rotations for the 2022-2023 residency application cycle?  

A: No. Student travel to away rotations for the 2022-2023 residency application cycle is not restricted by the AAMC or its Coalition partners. Students may apply to and attend the away rotations that best support their continued learning and ability to interview and match at the residencies of their choice. The AAMC encourages medical students to follow the guidance of their medical school advisors and to familiarize themselves with the recommendations, if any, from their specialties of interest, as well as any restrictions or rules governing away rotations at a specific host institution.   

International Student Mobility 

Q: How does international student mobility continue to be impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

A: International student mobility continues to be significantly impacted by COVID, and thus, is very limited. Students who attend institutions that participate in the VSLO Global Network can conduct an elective search to view opportunities they may apply to. 

Application Strategy and Specialties 

Q: What resources are available as I consider different specialties, and how can I craft an application strategy? 

A: The Careers in Medicine portal is an excellent starting point to gain insight into the various specialties. Applicants are also encouraged to review the website of their specialty society of interest, in addition to connecting with advisors at their Home institution who know their skills and strengths as a student. These approaches will help applicants build a comprehensive application strategy. 

Advisor MD and DO Webinar Recordings: Now Available! 

The AAMC VSLO program recently hosted two 60-minute informational webinars for MD and DO advisors. These sessions addressed the strategies and processes for choosing and applying to away rotations, with perspectives from Home and Host institutions on the decision-making process. Our speaker panels included an MD and DO student advisor, representatives of Home and Host institutions, and a VSLO program facilitator. A Careers in Medicine (CiM) representative also participated during the Q&A.


We hope these resources will assist as you counsel your students in applying smarter, developing an effective away rotation application strategy, and more easily submitting their applications in the VSLO application service.  

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