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    Volunteer as an AAMC PREview® Exam Reviewer

    The AAMC PREview® professional readiness exam is developed in collaboration with the medical school community and is highly dependent on volunteer support. We rely on faculty and staff from a variety of medical schools, roles, backgrounds, and experiences to create the PREview exam. Volunteering helps to ensure that the assessment both captures the competencies required for medical student success and accurately reflects diverse medical school perspectives, standards, and expectations.

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    Why Volunteer?

    As a volunteer, you will help shape how we assess applicants’ pre-professional competencies (e.g., cultural competence, teamwork, ethics, resilience) and ensure the next generation of physicians is even more prepared for the challenges they will face. Each additional volunteer broadens the diversity of perspectives contributing to the PREview exam, which helps to ensure the fairness of the exam.

    If you are currently using or considering using PREview scores, volunteering directly benefits your school. It offers you a window into the exam’s content and helps ensure the exam will add value to your school.

    Who Should Volunteer?

    Volunteers may represent MD- or DO-granting medical schools. To ensure success, volunteers should meet the following criteria: 

    • Observe medical student behavior on a regular basis (at least eight hours per week).
    • Be familiar with medical student duties and responsibilities.
    • Understand expectations for medical students related to the pre-professional competencies within the AAMC’s core competencies for entering medical students.
    • Hold roles such as admissions officers, student affairs officers, diversity affairs officers, or clinical/pre-clinical faculty (particularly those teaching courses such as Intro to Clinical Medicine, which develop and evaluate pre-professional competencies).

    No advanced degree is necessary!

    What Does a Volunteer Do?

    We offer opportunities to contribute throughout the year. We are currently seeking volunteers to review test content for fairness and help to develop the scoring key for the PREview exam. 

    Reviewers contribute to the development of the PREview exam in two critical ways:

    • Content Review: You will review test content for fairness, clarity, and meaningfulness to ensure a fair assessment for all examinees.
    • Scoring Review: You will evaluate the effectiveness of test items to develop a scoring key that reflects medical school expectations.

    Upon signing up to volunteer, we will request your availability for participation and schedule your reviews.

    Reviews are designed to be easy and convenient for you:

    • You will complete virtual training with the PREview exam development team.
    • You will review content independently through a secure, online platform.
    • Your review will require approximately two hours over the course of one to two weeks.
    • You can complete your review in one or multiple sittings.

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