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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is SRS information?

The SRS is a password-protected, secure, Internet-based records system developed for use by medical school registrars and their designated authorized users. SRS student information is considered confidential.

How does SRS get its data?

SRS gets its data from AMCAS and medical school registrars.

How long does SRS store student records?

The SRS stores enrollment records dating back to 1996. Prior enrollment data, dating back to 1974, are stored in an AAMC historical database. For more comprehensive information, see FACTS: Applicants, Matriculants, Enrollment, Graduates, MD/PhD, and Residency Applicants Data. Other statistical information is available by request.

Does the SRS store MCAT® scores?

No, SRS does not store MCAT scores. For more information, please see MCAT® for Admissions Officers and Pre-Health Advisors.

Does Enrollment Services administer the Graduation Questionnaire (GQ)?

No, Enrollment Services does not administer the GQ. We do, however, work in conjunction with GQ administrators to notify registrars of student names. The AAMC Division of Medical Education administers the GQ. For more information, please see Graduation Questionnaire (GQ).

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