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    A Closer Look: MCAT® Microlearning Video Series 

    A Closer Look is a series of microlearning videos to help admissions officers and their admissions committees understand the content of the MCAT® exam and how it is scored. These videos were created to help you and your committees consider MCAT® scores as one element in your holistic admissions process.   

    A Closer Look: What Does the MCAT Exam Measure?

    Learn more about how the MCAT exam measures the science competencies and critical thinking and reasoning skills that students need to enter medical school.   


    A Closer Look: MCAT Scoring

    Learn more about the information presented in the four sections of the MCAT score report contribute to a more complete picture of an applicant’s academic readiness to inform your admissions decisions.  


    A Closer Look: MCAT Confidence Bands

    Learn more about how MCAT confidence bands help account for the margin of error in MCAT score accuracy and remind admissions committee members not to overemphasize small differences in scores.  


    A Closer Look: MCAT Percentile Ranks 

    Learn more about how MCAT percentile ranks for total and section MCAT scores show how an applicant’s score compare to the scores of everyone who sat for the exam. Current percentile ranks are updated annually on May 1.