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    MCAT Admissions Insights

    Admissions Officers’ Survey Data Snapshot

    MCAT Admissions Insights delivers evidence-based insights, resources, and tools to help you use MCAT scores in ways that align with your school’s missions and contexts. We will return for a new edition in this series in 2022, and we welcome your ideas for future editions.

    MCAT Data

    Note: A total of 116 schools responded to the 2021 Admissions Officers’ Survey (76% response rate). Data shown in the graphs represent responses to the survey questions: “Does your school currently convert MCAT scores to a different scale that groups scores into ranges?” and “Has your school decided to make MCAT scores optional (i.e., not require MCAT scores for admission) for your 2022 applicants or is your school considering it?”


    Bottom line: Schools are interested in leveraging all available data to admit and support students within their context.

    Data Highlights

    • Medical schools care about diversity, and each school focuses on aspects connected to their mission and context.
    • Meeting students where they are requires hard work. Many schools are interested in the larger context of educational opportunities — where applicants learned and lived — when interpreting academic metrics.
    • Commitment to student success builds on solid feedback loops between medical students’ performance data and admissions requirements.
    • Admissions is not enough. Investing in and building a community of support for students throughout their medical school journey is key to driving inclusive excellence.
    • Schools reported low interest in pass/fail, categorical scoring, or test-optional. Fewer than 10 schools are specifically interested in pass/fail or tiered scoring. Some are interested in ways to identify thresholds or likelihood for success in medical school using MCAT scores as one of many data sources.

    Join the Conversation

    • Which survey finding, if any, surprised you? Why?
    • What are the biggest challenges you face in leveraging all available data to admit and support students within your school’s context?
    • What is your biggest takeaway from the Admissions Officers’ Survey Data Snapshot series?
    • What topics would you like to see for future editions of MCAT Admissions Insights?
    • Share your feedback or questions for further study.

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