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    Admissions Officers’ Survey Data Snapshot

    MCAT Admissions Insights delivers evidence-based insights, resources, and tools to help you use MCAT scores in ways that align with your school’s missions and contexts. We invite you to join the conversation and share your reactions, comments, and insights with us.

    MCAT Data Chart

    Note: A total of 116 schools responded to the 2021 Admissions Officers’ Survey (76% response rate). Percentages shown at the top of the chart represent responses of “a lot of pressure” or “a moderate amount of pressure” to the survey questions: “From each of the following internal/external factors, how much pressure does your school face to accept applicants with high MCAT scores?” The 84% in the middle represents responses of “yes” to the survey question: “Does your school provide information about students’ success in the curriculum to the admissions office so you can use that information for future planning?” Percentages shown at the bottom represent responses of “currently use” and “will consider using if available” to the survey question: “Which of the following data summaries about your school’s applicants, accepted applicants, and matriculants do you currently use to contextualize applicants’ MCAT scores and UGPAs?”


    Driving inclusive excellence: Why it’s important for schools to set high expectations and be fully committed to every student’s success.

    Data Highlights

    • Schools face more internal than external pressures to admit students with high MCAT scores.
    • Most internal pressures center on concerns about student success. More than half of schools are concerned about students passing licensure exams, matching to residency, graduating in four or five years, and the financial and social risks of not graduating.
    • In contrast, only about 30% of schools saw external pressures from US News and World Report rankings or expectations from their administration or board.
    • Most schools provide information about student success to admissions in order to recalibrate admissions practices. Many schools are interested in examining student performance data by MCAT/GPA in the future.

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