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    MCAT Admissions Insights

    Admissions Officers’ Survey Data Snapshot

    The MCAT Admissions Insights email series will deliver evidence-based insights, resources, and tools to help you use MCAT scores in ways that align with your schools’ missions and contexts. We invite you to join the conversation and share your reactions, comments, and insights with us.

    MCAT Data Chart

    Note: A total of 116 schools responded to the survey (76% response rate). Percentages shown represent responses of “important” and “very important” to the survey questions: “How important is it for your school to select students for your 2021 entering class who are likely to contribute to the following educational mission areas?” and “Among the many factors in your holistic review, how important to your educational mission is considering applicants with the following backgrounds and lived experiences?”


    Common Ground: Medical schools care about diversity, and each focuses on aspects connected to their mission and context.

    Data Highlights

    • Virtually all schools value contributing to a diverse physician workforce as part of their mission.
    • Almost all focus on applicants who are URM, low-SES, first generation, and have lived or worked with groups that have experienced disadvantage.
    • Many focus on applicants from different geographic or underserved areas/communities, as well as those who are multilingual.
    • Fewer focus on applicants from an under-resourced university, non-science major, or community college.

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