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    Promote the MedLoans™ Organizer and Calculator (MLOC) on Your Website

    Banner Ads

    You are welcome to use the following web graphics to promote the MedLoans™ Organizer and Calculator tool. You can reposition one or more of the graphics on your school's website.

    Please link the banners to https://students-residents.aamc.org/financial-aid-resources/medloans-organizer-and-calculator-mloc. We request that you do not modify the banners in any way other than scaling down the size to fit your website requirements. Please do not enlarge the banners since this will cause image quality to degrade.

    Medloans Organizer and Calculator
    Medloans Organizer and Calculator-150x200
    Medloans Organizer and Calculator-120x120

    Text Only

    If you wish to avoid graphics altogether, you may use a text-only link that reads:
    "Visit the MedLoans™ Organizer and Calculator where you can manage your student loans and plan for repayment." You can link this sentence to https://students-residents.aamc.org/financial-aid-resources/medloans-organizer-and-calculator-mloc.