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  • Professional Service

    Data Resources for FAOs

    The AAMC collects a variety of data, much of which is available for you to prepare reports on student educational debt and financial aid trends. Data reports can be useful in your research and analysis, donor reports, presentations, legislative initiatives, or other related needs.

    Medical School Profile System (MSPS)

    The Medical School Profile System (MSPS) (MSPS) database and reporting system is designed to compare medical schools in a number of areas. MSPS can be an easy route to producing a variety of reports concerning financial aid and related issues. The MSPS website derives its data from annual surveys from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). Use MSPS to download standard annual reports, including the Financial Aid Summary Report and the Tuition and Student Fees Report. In addition, you can build your own customized reports from hundreds of data elements and use the reports to compare your institution against other selected peers or groups. MSPS can also be used to track national trends and to develop time-series data. Developed to allow medical school administrators to perform intra- and inter-institutional comparisons, time-series data and support accreditation activities, MSPS data can be used in support of strategic planning, to create comparative data analyses, and to track national trends for advocacy purposes.

    Custom Reports
    MSPS reports come in three varieties:
    • Standard with pre-chosen variables
    • Frequently requested custom from the MSPS website using the most asked for variables
    • Unique, customized reports prepared by AAMC staff

    AAMC staff are available to assist with producing reports for specialized interests or reporting requirements. Contact one of the staff below for assistance.

    Quick Access is Available to the Most Popular Data Reports
    • Tuition and Debt Summary Report
    • Mission Management Tool
    • Graduate Indebtedness
    • Financial Aid Totals by Breakout Categories
    Data Resources Contacts