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    403 Error Message

    403 error

    Why am I getting this message?

    The 403 error message will occur when you attempt to sign in to the Web-based PDWS without first clicking the link from your email invite. By clicking the link in your invite, you are associating a new role with your AAMC account allowing you to access the PDWS.

    What do I do?

    Gain Access to the PDWS

    After Logging in I Get Sent to www.aamc.org

    Why am I getting this message?

    1) If you try to login with the original link from your email invite, you will get redirected to the AAMC homepage (www.aamc.org).

    What do I do?

    Log in using the sign-in link on the main ERAS or program page.

    2) You reset your password, created a new password, and attempted to log in, but you have never logged into the Program Director’s Workstation before.

    What do I do?

    Return to the email invite and log in to the PDWS. If you are taken to the www.aamc.org website again, try using another web browser. For example, if you used Internet Explorer first, try Firefox.

    Enter Access Code Email

    Enter access code email

    Why am I receiving this message?

    You are receiving this message because you have a pending invitation and must enter your email to gain access to the Program Director’s Workstation (PDWS).

    What do I do?

    Enter the email address to which you received your PDWS invitation, then click “submit”. On the next screen, sign in to the PDWS.

    Not a Verified User

    Not Verified Message

    Why am I receiving this message?

    You are receiving this message because you attempted to log into the institutional account, but you only have privileges to access a specific program(s).

    What do I do?

    Click OK and select your program from the dropdown menu. Also, make sure your correct specialty is selected.

    Select Program