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Frequently Asked Questions: Mid-Career Seminar for Women Faculty

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I’m not sure if I’m the right fit for this seminar – who is the seminar meant for?

The Mid-Career Seminar is designed for women physicians and scientists with at least two years of experience at the Associate Professor level and with a faculty appointment at an AAMC member institution. Applicants should have demonstrated leadership ability, either in formal administrative or other leadership roles. As the seminar’s focus is to provide participants with skills and strategies to enhance their leadership capabilities at the organizational level, applicants should have a minimum of 8 years’ experience in academic medicine and science and be looking to progress to the next step in their career.

When will applications be open?

The application phase will begin in early August and close in mid September.

What does the application require?

The application is an online form with a series of questions about your clinical, education, research, and administrative responsibilities (as they are applicable). At the end of the online application you will upload one (1) letter of support from your institution and your most up to date CV.

What is the letter of support?

The letter of support is a letter coming directly from your chair, supervisor, or other administrative leader at your institution. This letter indicates that the institution is aware and supportive of your application and potential attendance of the seminar. This letter of support may or may not include financial support. We require this piece to ensure that the applicant has demonstrated leadership and competence at the institution and also that the institution is aware the individual is applying to the seminar.

Can more than one individual apply from an institution?

Yes absolutely! While we cannot guarantee that all applicants from an institution will be accepted, we recognize the value of having another individual from your institution attend to continue the support and learning once back at your campus. As such, we welcome more than one applicant from each institution.

How are applicants selected?

The application process for the seminar are very competitive every year, so it is most important that candidates are the right fit with the design and learning objectives of the course. We also strive every year to have the most diverse class possible, as one of the major benefits of the seminar is networking with peers both similar and different to the ones your work with every day. To help make this happen we take a number of factors into consideration when selecting applicants other than their academic and clinical qualifications, such as: medical school, region, specialty, length of experience in academic medicine, research area, scholarship area, MD vs PhD (or combined degree), application status, and much more. Considering all the factors of an individual’s application helps create the most dynamic and diverse class possible so the participants have the best learning experience.

Additional Questions

Have any additional questions? Email learningandleadershipdevelopment@aamc.org

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