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    Awards - NEGSA

    The Northeast Group on Student Affairs (NEGSA) presents the NEGSA Outstanding Service Award to current or former NEGSA members who have demonstrated outstanding service to the NEGSA. Outstanding service is defined as significant commitment and leadership in addressing issues of importance to the NEGSA. 

    Nominees for this award shall have demonstrated service to the NEGSA and shall have an outstanding record of accomplishment, collaborative leadership, and resourcefulness in support of the mission of the NEGSA. Areas of service recognition may be in any of the leadership roles of the NEGSA. These may include service as a member or official of the Executive Committee, serving in a special role of the NEGSA in any of the five areas of Student Affairs, Diversity Affairs, Financial Aid, Admissions or Student Records, or service on any NEGSA Ad Hoc Committees or Meeting Program Committees. It could also include service in National GSA leadership positions providing that service is in a position of representation of the NEGSA.


    A call for nominations will be announced annually at the NEGSA Business meeting during Learn Serve Lead: the AAMC Annual Meeting. Any NEGSA member may submit a nomination. No self-nominations will be considered. Nominations will be submitted to the NEGSA vice-chair and must be accompanied by the nominees' curriculum vitae.

    Selection Process

    The chair-elect and the Outstanding Service Award subcommittee shall serve as the Screening Committee and forward the names of no more than four finalists to the NEGSA Executive Committee for consideration. The Executive Committee will select the award recipients for an announcement at the spring meeting. No nominee for the Outstanding Service Award may serve on the Screening Committee, nor be present for discussion and decision by the Executive Committee. If necessary, the Chair will appoint a replacement from among the membership of the Executive Committee.


    No more than two NEGSA Outstanding Service Awards may be presented annually at the spring meeting of the NEGSA.

    Nomination Form

    You may submit a nomination by using the Nomination Form

    Recent Award Recipients


    Amy Fuchs, MD
    Drexel University College of Medicine


    Fidencio Saldana, MD, MPH
    Harvard Medical School


    Mercedes Rivero, MS
    Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

    Dwight Davis, MD
    Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine


    Charles Pohl, MD
    Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

    Gary Butts, MD
    Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


    W. Scott Schroth, MD, MPH
    George Washington University School of Medicine

    Carol Terregino, MD
    Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School


    Adam Aponte, MD
    Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine at Hofstra University

    Robert Witzburg, MD
    Boston University School of Medicine