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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee sets policy for the Group on Institutional Planning and manages GIP affairs. GIP members may use the membership directory to contact the Steering Committee.

Specific responsibilities of the Steering Committee include:

  • Setting the agenda for the upcoming year
  • Selecting the topic for the biennial Symposium
  • Participating on Subcommittees
  • Reaching out to new members to welcome them to the GIP
  • Managing the GIP Distinguished Service award process
  • Being mindful of diversity of its membership and programs
  • Contributing to the GIP newsletter – articles of interest
  • Engaging with the Organization of Student Representative and Council of Deans liaisons


Katy Stevenson, MPP
Program Administrator, Strategy, Planning and Development
Office of the CEO and Dean
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Immediate Past Chair

William Orosz, MPA
Administrative Director of Space Planning
The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Chair Elect

Denise Johnson
Director of Planning and Operations
Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Deans Liaison

Toni Ganzel, MD, MBA, FACS
University of Louisville School of Medicine

Member-at-Large (2019-2021)

Hannah Lawrence, MA
Assistant Dean, Faculty Advancement & Diversity
The University of Chicago

Member-at-Large (2018–2020)

Rob Cook, MBA
Executive Director, Facilities and Operations
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Member-at-Large (2018–2020)

Janice Renfro, MBA
Director of Data Governance
Washington University School of Medicine

Member-at-Large (2018–2020)

Brian Smith, JD, MBA
Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
Senior Associate Vice Chancellor – Research
University of California, San Francisco

Member-at-Large (2018–2020)

Niki Smith, MMHC
Director, Space Management
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Member-at-Large (2019–2021)

David Hefner, Ed.D.
Vice President, Strategy and Institutional Effectiveness
Morehouse School of Medicine

Organization of Student Representatives (OSR) Liaison

Mark Mullen, MD Candidate, Class of 2020
Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Past Chairs

Rebecca Saavedra—2018
Pam Bounelis—2017
Walter Douglas—2016
Linda Reimann—2015
Sean Ossont—2014
Angie Souza—2013
Rhonice Burnett—2012
Donna K. Gissen—2011
Robert Marriott—2010
David Browdy—2009
Thomas B. Higerd—2008
Steve Wiesenthal—2007
Nancy Tierney—2006
Steve Panish—2005
James Bardsley—2004
Maureen McCarry—2003
Patricia U. Winning—2002
Eric B. Vermillion—2001
James Bardsley—2000
David O'Brien—1999
Diana Carmichael—1998
Peter G. Robinson—1997

C. Alan Lyles—1996
Ann L. Schwind—1995
Mary Ann Newman—1994
David D. Pinter—1993
Ellen R. Krasik—1992
Thomas A. Rolinson—1991
Susan Vogt—1990
Robert E. Reynolds—1989
John Eudes—1988
Amber B. Jones—1987
Leonard Heller—1986
Victor Crown—1985
Marie Sinioris—1984
Thomas G. Fox—1983
David R. Perry—1982
J. Stephen Smith—1981
George Stuehler, Jr—1980
Constantine Stefanu—1979
Howard J. Barnhard—1978
Russell C. Mills—1977
John C. Bartlett—1976


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