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    Charter for the Group on Institutional Planning

    I. Name and Authority

    • Name. The name of the group shall be the Group on Institutional Planning of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), herein after referred to as GIP.
    • Authority. This Charter governs GIP pursuant to the current version of the Groups Rules and Regulations approved by the AAMC Board of Directors, incorporated by reference. This charter and any process documents must be in alignment with the Groups Rules and Regulations.

    II. Purpose

    • The purpose of the GIP shall be to advance the discipline of planning in academic medicine by enhancing the skills and knowledge of professional planners, promote the value of planning, and connect people, resources, and ideas.
    • The GIP shall effectuate its purpose by:
      • Enhancing the planning skills and knowledge base of its members;
      • Establishing an active network of communication among its members in order to speed the dissemination of creative ideas and learning experiences;
      • Serving as a planning resource to AAMC member institutions;
      • Encouraging members to contribute to the fundamental body of knowledge about planning theory and applications;
      • Serving as the national forum for planners in academic medicine;
      • Promoting diversity among planning leadership at AAMC member institutions in support of other AAMC diversity, equity and inclusion efforts; and
      • Collaborating with other AAMC Councils, Groups and Organizations on matters of common interest.

    III. Membership

    • Participants. The voting participants shall consist of persons appointed by the deans of medical school members and/or the CEOs of (Council of Teaching Hospitals and Health Systems) COTH members, including affiliate and provisional members, of the Association of American Medical Colleges. Non-voting participants can be appointed by other GIP members at their institution. Participants should be involved in the coordination of planning at their institutions. Their responsibilities may include: strategic planning, facilities & space planning, academic planning, clinical services planning & marketing, information systems planning, and resource planning, among others.
      • Appointing Authority. Participants shall be appointed by the deans of medical school members and/or the CEOs of COTH members, including affiliate and provisional members, of the Association of American Medical Colleges. The appointed persons shall serve at the pleasure of the respective appointing authority.  Non-voting participants can be designated by another GIP member at the same institution.
    • Voting participants. Each member school and hospital shall be entitled to one vote, irrespective of the number of participants appointed to the Group. Therefore, the appointing authority of each institution is allowed to appoint one voting member to GIP.
    • Non-voting participants. Each institution is allowed an unlimited number of non-voting participants. They should be appointed by their dean, teaching hospital CEO or another GIP member at the same institution.

    IV. Officers and Terms

    • Officers. The officers of the GIP are the Chair-Elect, Chair, and Immediate Past Chair.
    • Eligibility of Officers. Eligible candidates for officer positions are those who are duly appointed members of the GIP.
    • Term of Officers. The term of the officers shall be for one year. Officers shall begin and conclude their terms contemporaneous with the GIP’s next annual business meeting.

    V. Committees

    • Steering Committee. The GIP Steering Committee shall manage the affairs of the Group. The GIP Steering Committee shall be composed of the Chair, the Chair-Elect, and the Immediate Past Chair and up to six at-large representatives each serving two-year terms. Members-at-large may not serve more than 2 consecutive terms on the Steering Committee. Every attempt should be made to stagger initial terms.
    • A Steering Committee member who is no longer employed by the appointing medical school, academic society or teaching hospital may complete an elected term on the Steering Committee only if they continue employment with an AAMC member medical school, academic society or teaching hospital.
    • Nominating Committee. The Chair, Chair-Elect and Immediate Past Chair will serve as the Nominating Committee. It shall make nominations for the Chair-Elect and other open positions (At-large candidates) and such nominations shall be publicized in advance to the group, prior to the annual business meeting. In accordance with IV.C., the Nominating Committee will recommend to the Steering Committee any replacement Officer or Officer-Elect, if the previously elected person is unable to serve. The Steering Committee will then make such replacement appointment, and these will remain effective until the next Group election. If a vacancy occurs in an at-large position, the position will remain vacant until the next business meeting. The election of officers and at-large positions will be conducted by electronic ballot prior to each annual meeting. Officers and at-large members will begin their terms during the annual meeting.
      The Nominating Committee will strive to achieve a balance on the Steering Committee by reviewing the demographic composition of the GIP, and take into consideration regional distribution, disciplinary background and work responsibilities, type and size of schools represented, gender, ethnicity and such other factors as may be necessary to achieve a balanced and representative committee structure.
    • Other Committees. Other Standing or ad hoc GIP Committees may be authorized by vote of the Steering Committee of the Group. These committee Chairs shall be appointed by the GIP Steering Committee. Standing Committees and their functions shall be reviewed periodically by the Steering Committee. Those committees no longer needed may be dissolved upon recommendation of the Steering Committee. Descriptions of the purpose and functions of each Group committee shall be drafted by AAMC staff with approval of the GIP Chair and provided to the Committee Chair.

    VI. Date Approved

    The AAMC CEO [or designee] last approved this charter on December 31, 2021.