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    University of Utah Health — Report to Our Community

    University of Utah Health — Report to Our Community

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    University of Utah Health — Report to Our Community
    University of Utah Health

    University of Utah (U of U) Health’s inaugural Report to Our Community was published in November 2020. This 78-page special publication highlighted the critical connections between our health system and its many constituents: patients needing basic care, nonprofit partners addressing societal problems, state legislators funding university operations and setting policy, and community leaders implementing that policy in towns, cities, and counties around Utah. The report talked openly about serious health problems experienced by U of U Health patients, explored the individual passions of providers and community leaders driving systemic change, and highlighted the community impacts that can occur when academic rigor, clinical commitment, research excellence, and legislative vision converge. 

    University of Utah Health — Report to Our Community team members
    University of Utah Health's Report to Our Community team: Amy Albo (top left), Nick McGregor (top right), Nafisa Masud (bottom left), Jesse Colby (bottom right)

    What was the most impactful part of your award-winning entry?
    The most impactful part of the inaugural Report to Our Community came when U of U Health CEO Michael L. Good cited it as a foundation for elevating community outreach and engagement to an institutional fourth pillar. This helps us understand the “why” behind our ongoing work. 

    What is one thing you learned from this experience?
    Our team learned that different stakeholders across our 24,000-person health system were often working in separate lanes but with the same community-focused goal in mind. This new initiative gives everyone a hub to make connections. 

    Contact: Nicholas McGregor