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    The “Shoestring” Award - Bronze

    shoestring - bingo

    MD Orientation BINGO

    The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences

    Inspired by a networking activity at a recent conference, James A. Molnar, web and digital media specialist, worked with the Office of Student Affairs to plan a BINGO card for new medical students to complete during Day One of MD Orientation. While five tasks on the card were required, the rest of the 16 different activities were aimed at helping the students meet one another and discover campus. Students who completed and submitted their BINGO cards received a College of Medicine and Life Sciences T-shirt

    Because of the T-shirt incentive, students were very diligent to submit photos of their completed cards. Approximately half of the incoming class of 175 students picked up T-shirts.

    The collaborative aspect of this project also helped make it successful, especially with logistics. Molnar worked with other offices and departments across campus to coordinate where students should go on campus to explore, making sure to spread out the large group of students.

    The Office of Student Affairs reported that student satisfaction of this project was very high.

    Students also shared photos from their activities on their personal social media accounts, tagging the College of Medicine and Life Sciences.

    This is definitely a project we will continue going forward.

    What was the most successful part of your project?

    Getting students out of the lecture hall, meeting one another, and discovering campus during their first day.

    What is one thing you learned from this experience?

    The student T-shirt incentive was key for measurable results, since students had to submit proof of their completed BINGO cards.

    James Molnar, james.molnar@utoledo.edu