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    Print and Digital Publishing: Single or Special Issue - Bronze

    print and digital publishing - single - children's miracle

    Children’s Miracle Network Hershey Impact Magazine
    Children’s Miracle Network at Penn State Children’s Hospital

    Children’s Miracle Network Hershey impact magazine uses visual storytelling to highlight the organization’s mission to save kids’ lives and improve their quality of care. The magazine showcases the content marketing theme, Give the#GiftofGrowingUp, and succinctly highlights patients’ stories by featuring infographics that reflect their medical journeys and memorable accomplishments.

    The magazine’s engaging content and design achieved its goal to create a piece that would resonate with various audiences, including corporate and community partners, individual donors, potential donors, grateful families, and volunteers. When presented as a single document, it has helped engage new corporate partners and identify potential planned giving donors, but it can also be segmented into single pages to meet the needs of corporate partners that prefer to display visuals in their store locations. The centerspread features examples of programs and equipment ranging from $25 to $200,000 to help a donor of any level understand the direct impact a gift can have on patients and families at Penn State Children’s Hospital.

    What was the most successful part of the magazine?

    The impact magazine shares compelling stories and engages our various audiences to rally around our mission to save kids’ lives at Penn State Children’s Hospital.

    What is one thing you learned from this experience?

    In addition to producing a compelling magazine, it’s important to establish clear metrics to truly measure the impact and success.

    Allison Mason, amason4@pennstatehealth.psu.edu