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Components of an Entry

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GIA Awards for Excellence

Entries must first be submitted via an online portal and then mailed in a binder to the AAMC (with the exception of the Robert G. Fenley Writing Awards and Electronic Communications categories) containing the following components:


Each entry must be accompanied by a written narrative that contains a goal, strategy statement, and objectives stating how the submitted project addressed a need or helped solve a problem. This narrative must clearly outline the rationale for the projects and measurable outcomes obtained.  

The narrative is your opportunity to tell the judges your story; help them understand the situation you/your institution were in.

With the exception of The Robert G. Fenley Writing Award* entries, all narratives should be no more than three (3) pages in length, double-spaced, Times New Roman or Arial 12-point font and include the following components:

  • Summary:  A short account of the project, program, or publication.  Provide a concise description of the overall idea.
  • Goals: Outline the need or opportunity that the project addresses.  Questions to keep in mind include: What were you trying to accomplish? What results did you hope to achieve?  Was the project used to solve a problem? Where did the problem start?  What are its effects?  What need were you looking to fill?
  • Solution/Strategy: Explain and outline your strategy: Describe the steps you took, the options you had, and the decisions you made.  Give us an account of the thought process that went into your decisions; how did you decide to pursue one option over another? 
  • Measurements:  Describe the results of your project, both within your organization and in your targeted audience. Provide metrics/analytics wherever possible.  Provide an evaluation of how well the solution targeted the problem or need, using specific and measurable outcomes (if a survey tool was used, submit a copy).  If you took an existing idea and reimagined it for your own institution, let the judges know how it is different. How did it add value to your organization?

*Narratives written for The Robert G. Fenley Writing Award entries should, instead, provide context for the piece and describe the intended audience.

Supporting Entry Materials

Each entry must include supporting materials highlighting your entry. This may include, but is not limited to: Magazines; Publications; Articles; Analytics; Photos; Videos/Audio files (included on a flash drive); Promotional materials from an event or campaign; Screenshots of websites and/or apps; and more. 

Entry Number

All binders and supplemental materials mailed to the AAMC must include your unique entry ID number. This number is provided during the time of online entry form submission.

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