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    GFP Membership Guidelines

    Group on Faculty Practice (GFP) Appointments

    Medical school deans or hospital/health system CEOs may appoint up to four GFP representatives:

    Physician Executive

    This should be the highest-ranking physician who leads the practice plan. Titles often include: CEO, President, CMO.

    Administrative Executive

    This should be the most senior non-physician executive who is a member of the strategic management team and has responsibility for staffing, financial, and operational issues associated with running the practice plan. Titles often include: CEO, CAO, COO, Executive Director, President. This individual will also serve as the survey contact for AAMC practice plan-related surveys.

    Representatives 3 & 4

    These are other senior leaders of the practice plan (physicians and non-physicians). Titles of physician leaders often include: CMO, CCO, Department Chair, Medical Director, Associate Dean. Titles of non-physician leaders often include: Practice Plan Administrator, CFO, Chief of Staff, Ambulatory Operations Executive, Director of Managed Care.

    Please note: You do not need to fill all 4 positions. If you have any questions about the GFP, please reach out to Shawn Rosen-Holtzman.