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    GFA Mentoring Circles

    Launched in 2014, the goal of this program is to provide a longitudinal mentoring experience that ensures every new GFA member is welcomed, linked with GFA resources, and rapidly integrated into the GFA community with three main goals to be achieved over the year long program.

    GFA Mentoring Circle Orientation Webinar

    GFA Mentoring Circle Mentor Training Webinar

    Scope of the Program

    The GFA Mentoring Circle focuses on two subsets of individuals:

    • New members of the GFA.
    • GFA members who are contacted through the Engagement Project, and who wish to reestablish a connection with the GFA, will be offered the opportunity to be connected with a mentor through this program.

    Program Structure

    Mentoring Circles uses two strategies to enhance mentoring opportunities for specific target groups:

    • A Facilitated Peer Mentoring model will be used to provide mentoring for new GFA members. One GFA mentor will be assigned to three new GFA members/mentees.

    Mentor/Mentee Education

    • The goals of the program, and the mutual expectations of mentees and mentors for the mentoring relationships, will be clarified through an informational/instructional guide developed by the GFA M&N Subcommittee and sent to mentors/mentees upon entry into the mentoring program.
    • A one-hour Mentor Orientation workshop will be conducted by the Membership & Nominating Committee during the GFA Professional Development Conference.


    Mentor Expectations

    • Take the initiative to “meet and greet” their mentees (by phone, email and/or in person) within the first month of their new membership with the GFA.
    • Work out a meeting and communication schedule that fits the needs of the mentees.
    • Introduce and facilitate the connection of the mentees to GFA members and leadership during the GFA Professional Development Conference and potentially the AAMC Annual Meeting.
    • Encourage mentees to sign up for GFA Professional Development Conference.
    • Attend the Mentoring Circle Session at the GFA PDC and/or review supplemental materials.
    • Attend selected GFA PDC sessions and/or meals with mentees.
    • Facilitate the transition to end the formal mentoring relationship (transitioning to a “GFA colleague” relationship) at the end of the 1-year mentoring commitment.
      Complete GFA Mentoring Program surveys to ensure continuous improvement in the program.

    Mentee Expectations

    • Connect with their GFA mentor within 1 month of assignment.
    • Work with the mentor to determine availability for ongoing meetings with the mentor/mentoring group.
    • Attend New Member Orientation at the GFA Professional Development Conference.
    • Utilize the knowledge and skills of the mentor to enhance their connection with the GFA, knowledge of GFA resources, and individuals within the GFA community.
    • Work with the mentor to identify key colleagues to meet with interests and activities that ensure connection with the GFA for the longer term.
    • Work with the mentor to transition the relationship at the end of the year.
    • Complete surveys to ensure continuous improvement within the mentoring program.

    Want to Become a Mentee or Mentor?

    If you would like to become a mentee or mentor, please contact gfa@aamc.org.