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Merrell Flair Award in Medical Education

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To honor an individual who has made a major contribution over a significant time period to the process or administration or transmission of information regarding medical education in North America.


The awardee must be or have been active in the Group on Educational Affairs and have been recognized by peers for a leadership role in the field of medical education as well as in the Group on Educational Affairs. Current involvement is not essential though will be considered as a positive factor. Previous participation is essential.

The contributions made by the awardee to the field of medical education should have had a strong positive impact on the education, administrative process, or public image of the Group on Educational Affairs as an organization and the membership of the GEA. The awardee should be affiliated at the time of the award with an active organization within the AAMC or retired from such an organization. This institution should be represented within the Group on Educational Affairs.


The GEA Steering Committee will consider both self-nominations as well as nominations on behalf of deserving GEA colleagues. Please submit Letters of Nomination to the GEA mail box (GEA@aamc.org) by Tuesday, November 30th at 11:59 pm PT.

Questions? Contact Stephen McKenzie.

Read the call for nominations (PDF)

Recipients of Merrell Flair Award

Steve Durning, PhD 2019
Judy Shea, PhD, 2018
Gary Rosenfeld, PhD, 2017
Brian Mavis, PhD, 2016
Larry D. Gruppen, PhD, 2015
N. Kevin Krane, MD, 2014
Steven Kanter, MD, 2013
Carol Elam, EdD,  2012
Patricia O'Sullivan MS, EdD, 2011
Karen Mann, PhD, 2010
Lois Nora, MD, JD, 2009
Jim Woolliscroft, MD, 2008
Deborah Simpson, PhD, 2007
Ruth-Marie E. Fincher, MD, 2006
LuAnn Wilkerson, EdD,  2005
Linda Distlehorst, PhD, 2004
S. Scott Obenshain, MD, 2003
Alberto Galofre, MD,  2002
Louise Arnold, PhD, 2001
Reed G. Williams, PhD, 2000
Georges Bordage, MD, PhD, 1999
Ian Hart, MD, 1998
Frank Stritter, PhD,  1997
Thompson Bowles, MD, 1996
Terrill A. Mast, PhD, 1995
Murray Kappelman, MD, 1994
Paula Stillman, MD, 1993
Stephen Abrahamson, PhD, 1992
August Swanson, MD, 1991
Loren Williams, PhD, 1990
George Miller, MD, 1989
Christine McGuire, 1988

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