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    About the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Section

    What is CPD?

    “Continuing Professional Development” is defined by the continuing education community as a set of activities and programs conceived and directed by the AAMC, enabling the achievement of an effective, quality-driven, integrated presence for continuing professional development in academic medical centers and health systems. CPD is supported by a team at the AAMC that manages, coordinates, and staffs these activities and programs.


    The purpose of AAMC’s CPD activity is to promote excellence in the education of health professionals throughout their careers, thereby contributing to the health of the public and meeting the institution’s missions in clinical care, research, and education. Guided and advised by the CPD Section, we foster:

    1. The development of and advocacy for continuing education and improvement programs to enhance physician and health professional learning;
    2. The professional development of faculty educators and continuing education specialists/experts;
    3. The advancement of research in continuing education, implementation science, and related fields, and the dissemination of the results of that research;
    4. The development of policies that recognize the fundamental importance of continuing medical education;
    5. The integration of quality improvement and patient safety into educational activities and practice;
    6. The communication between the AAMC and CPD Section members, among the members of the CPD Section, and within the CME community at large on local, regional, and national levels.

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

    The CPD site attempts to guide academic Continuing Medical Education leaders, planners, and teachers as they move CME from a primarily conference-based model to one which employs best educational methods and Quality Improvement (QI) and Performance Improvement (PI) principles to close the clinical care gap. The site includes links to resources, meetings, publications, quality measures, and other means to plan and evaluate programming.