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Special Interest Groups - CGEA

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The CGEA has a variety of active special interest groups (SIGs). The SIGs convene at the annual spring meeting where members also have dedicated time for workshops. For more information on individual groups, please contact the convener or co-convener listed below.

Basic Science Education

Convener: Robert Leven, PhD
Email: robert_leven@rush.edu

Clerkship Administrators

Convener: Donnita Pelser
Email: dpelser@kumc.edu OR donnita.pelser@wesleymc.com

Curriculum and Assessment

Convener: Irina Overman, MD

Directors of Clinical Skills Courses (DOCS)

Convener: Yonder, Sarah A
Email: yonde1sa@cmich.edu

Education Leadership

Co-Convener: Amy Seegmiller Renner
Email: Seegmiller.Amy@mayo.edu

Co-Convener: Mark N. Beard, MD
Email: Mark.Beard@usd.edu

Faculty Development

Convener: Judy Blebea
Email: Judy.blebea@cmich.edu

2nd year Convener: Larry Hurtubise
Email:  Hurtubise.1@osu.edu

Scribe: Boyung Suh
Email: bsuh46@siumed.edu

Interprofessional Education

Co-Convener: Anna C. Maio MD

Co-Convener: Jamie Hess, MD

Libraries in Medical Education


Population Medicine

Co-Convener: Joanna Michel, PhD

Co-Convener: Judith Sayad, MPH (c)

Program Evaluation and Accreditation

Co-Convener: Colleen Hayden, EdD
Email: colleen.hayden@wright.edu

Co-Convener: Leslie Blaylock, MEd
Email: llblaylock@wustl.edu

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

Co-Convener: Aleece Caron, PhD
Email: acaron@metrohealth.org

Co-Convener: Anna C. Maio MD
Email: amaio@creighton.edu

Technology in Medical Education

Co-Convener: John Lowry
Email: John.lowry@cmich.edu

Co-Convener: Richard Van Eck
Email: richard.vaneck@und.edu

Recorder: Anand Khurma
Email: anand.khurma@osumc.edu

Medical Education Learning Specialists

Co-Convener: Jessica Faber MEd
Email: Jessica.Faber@UToledo.Edu

Co-Convener: Josh Hopps, PhD
Email: josh.hopps@northwestern.edu

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