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    GBA Emeritus Status

    Minimum criteria for "Emeritus" status

    • Candidate must have been a member of AAMC/GBA for at least 15 years.
    • Candidate must have served as a national officer of the GBA (chair, chair elect, and/or immediate past chair) on the GBA Steering Committee.
    • Candidate must have served as a Chairperson on other GBA Standing Committees and/or GBA Ad Hoc Committees.
    • Candidate must have contributed significantly to the professional development community of the GBA (meeting presentations, webinars, articles, etc.).

    Recognition for "Emeritus" status

    • Spring Meeting registration fees will be waived for awardee and spouse.
    • Engraved plaque or an equivalent commemorative gift to be presented to the awardee at the Spring Meeting, if present, or forwarded to them after recognition is given at the Spring Meeting. 
    • Letter of thanks signed by GBA Steering Committee members.
    • In the event the awardee's institution is unable to fund the costs of the awardee's participation at the Spring Meeting, the costs associated with bringing the "Emeritus" awardee and their spouse to the GBA Spring Meeting of which their award is presented, may be submitted to the AAMC for reimbursement. Reimbursement for "Emeritus" awardees and their spouse would be limited to coach airfare, no more than two (2) nights lodging and associated per diem.
    • Award recipient will be acknowledged at other AAMC venues that recognize AAMC Group award winners. 

    GBA Emeritus Members

    Emeritus Members

      Previous affiliation
    George Andersson 2014 Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
    John Deeley 2012 Howard University School of Medicine
    Gregory Handlir 2010 University of Maryland
    Jeffrey Miller 2010 Northwestern University
    James Hackett 2008 West Virginia University School of Medicine
    Michael A. Hindery 2007 Stanford University School of Medicine
    David R. Perry 2007 University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, School of Medicine
    Patricia St. Germain 2003 University of Arizona College of Medicine
    Roger D. Meyer 2003 University of California, San Diego School of Medicine
    Marvin Siegel 2001 University of Miami
    Robert Price 2001 University of Texas, San Antonio
    V. Wayne Kennedy 2000 University of California, San Diego College of Medicine
    Robert Winfree 2000 Duke University Medical Center
    William Hilles 1998 University of Arkansas College of Medicine
    Byron Backlar 1997 Oregon Health Sciences University School of Medicine
    Bernard McGinty 1995 Duke
    John Melendi 1995 South Florida
    Thomas Fitzgerald 1994 New York University School of Medicine
    Jerry Huddleston 1994 Ohio State University School of Medicine
    Wayne Daley 1992 University of Minnesota - Duluth School of Medicine
    Ben Weaver 1992 East Carolina University School of Medicine
    Reggie Graves 1991 Louisiana State University School of Medicine
    Richard G. Littlejohn, Ph.D. (deceased) 1990 University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine
    W. James Peters 1990 New York Medical College
    Lester G. Wilterdink 1989 Albany Medical Center of Union University
    George W. Seils 1989 University of Arizona College of Medicine
    Warren Kennedy 1988 Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest University
    George Warner 1988 University of Arkansas College of Medicine
    David House 1988 Dartmouth Medical School
    Jeanne Williams 1987 University of California, Los Angeles UCLA School of Medicine
    Daniel P. Benford (deceased) 1986 Indiana University School of Medicine
    Mario Pasquale 1985 University of Colorado Health Science Center
    Hugh E. Hillard 1984 Emory University School of Medicine
    Clarence N. Stover, Jr. (deceased) 1983 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine
    Elliot J. Wells 1983 University of Alabama School of Medicine
    Bernard Siegel 1982 Hahnemann Medical College
    Joseph E. Lynch (deceased) 1982 St. Louis University School of Medicine
    James P. McLean 1981 University of Florida College of Medicine
    William A. Zimmerman 1980 Oregon Health Sciences University School of Medicine
    Lou Rems 1978 Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    Ruth E. Bardwell 1978 Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
    David A. Sinclair 1977 SUNY at Syracuse Health Science Center College of Medicine
    Robert MacHugh 1976 University of Washington School of Medicine