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    COF Telehealth Webinar

    The webinar will provide an overview of the telehealth program and its engagement with the compliance office. This is an outgrowth of the large number of regulations that allow telehealth, combined with the overall expansion of telehealth during the pandemic, and the need to ensure that documentation and other requirements are met to ensure proper billing.


    Ivy Baer, JD, Senior Director and Regulatory Counsel, AAMC


    Mass General Hospital

    • Lee Schwamm, MD, FAHA, Vice President, Digital Health Virtual Care, MGH Center
    • Kate Connelly, CPA, MBA, Corporate Director, Enterprise Risk Management
    • Rosemary Gottlieb, JD, General Counsel Partners HealthCare

    Oregon Health and Science University

    • Mark Lovgren, MBA, Interim Vice President – Office of Digital Health
    • Darren Malinoski, MD, FACS, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer
    • Heather Nickerson, CPC, CEMC, CPMA, MCS-P, Assistant Integrity Officer, Healthcare Integrity
    • Gianou Knox, MPH, Program Manager, Telehealth Services


    PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)