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    Compliance Help

    If you are grappling with a particular challenge you have not yet faced in your work, or have a specific request that doesn’t lend itself to a listserv question, please take advantage of a new initiative offered by the Compliance Officers' Forum called Peer-on-Call.

    The intent of the Peer-on-Call project is to encourage peer to peer relationship development by providing the opportunity to connect with members of the Peer Review Evaluation Workgroup, a team of knowledgeable senior Compliance Officers who also conduct the Peer Review Program in COF. Submit any questions that you have. One of the members will respond to your request by email or phone providing requested advice, guidance, subject matter expertise or suggesting other networking opportunities. You will be pleasantly surprised at how willing your peers are to assist you.  

    Need assistance from one of your compliance colleagues? Contact peer-on-call.

    Peer Review Evaluation of a Compliance Program

    Do you work at an AAMC member institution? Are you a member of the Compliance Officers' Forum (COF)? Take advantage of this valuable resource that allows COF members to benefit from the experiences of their colleagues and have an opportunity to consider changes to their compliance programs.

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    • Peer review request form
    • Process for Peer Review Evaluation of a Compliance Program
    • Peer Review Request Form / Scope of Request
    • COF Peer Review Team Members

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