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    The Burden of Post-acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) and Implications for Health Care Leaders and Systems

    On June 29, 2021, the Chief Medical Officers’ Group (CMOG) sponsored a webinar with the lead author of the largest study to date of PASC. Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly and colleagues conducted a study of over 74,000 veterans and found that even non-hospitalized COVID-19 survivors had an increased risk of death and health resource utilization six months later when compared to those without COVID-19 infection. This highlights the unique role academic health care systems have in planning for integrated multidisciplinary long-term care of COVID-19 survivors and reinforces the importance of prevention of COVID-19 through vaccination.


    Ziyad Al-Aly, MD
    Chief of Research and Development Service
    VA Saint Louis Health Care System


    Presentation slides (PDF)